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Todd: Hi, this is Todd from I Buy Houses in Columbus and just leaving here, a nice beautiful house here in Reynoldsburg. One of our … Definitely one of our primary areas that we work in. Beautiful street, side streets here. I just left a meeting with the seller. We had a good conversation, everything is I think going to progress well with this property and I think if we were able to present him with a couple of different options.

One of the biggest options that we are able to give people who are wanting to sell a pretty house like this, beautiful house on a beautiful street, is that we can offer them financing through owner financing where we work with them and able to give them closer to market value. One of the biggest things is  real estate investors get a bad rap because so many people are out there just looking to get a property at a cut rate price and we’re not out to cut down the price on a house just to make money, that’s not the only way to make money out here, that’s not the only way to buy a house.

It’s really about what works out best for the owner of the property and in some cases that owner doesn’t necessarily need to get a big chunk of change right away to move out of a house, they can actually sell a house with owner financing. It allows that over the term of agreement that they will make just as much if not more than they would make from selling with a realtor. You know, when selling with a realtor you’re going to have to pay the commissions that everyone … You know, both realtors will ask for 6% commission, 3% on each side, plus all the closing costs.

You may even have to pay some of the transfer fees in a negotiation with the new owner of the house, so working with a real estate investor can really be the best option for you sometimes because you’re going to get more money in your pocket, it just may not be right away. If you can afford to wait a little bit it will definitely give you that opportunity to make more money on your house than if you’re going to go for a cut rate price with a wholesaler who wants to do nothing but flip your house to somebody else at $0.50 on the dollar.

Please give us a call. You can find us at WantedPrettyHouses.com or at ColumbusHomeowners.com. Give us a call at 614-398-3288.

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