It happens often, we are contacted on a regular basis by homeowners who owe too much on their home to sell it. The homeowner knows that the mortgage balance is too close or higher than the sales price. Closing costs and realtor fees to sell a house are 8-9% of the sales price. When the homeowner if told by the listing agent that they may have to bring money to closing just to sell their house, they are devastated. Many times a homeowner is leaving a house because it is too expensive but they are then asked by their agent to spend money they don’t have to sell their house. We can help!

At I Buy Houses Columbus, we specialize is buying homes with little to no equity in their homes. Equity is the difference in the amount owed on a home and the sales price of the home. Unfortunately, when that number is small, it can be eaten up by closing costs and agent commissions, leaving the homeowner paying money to sell their home. Normally a homeowner can expect to receive money for the sale of the house but now they are being ask to pay to sell their home.

We often buy homes where the owner owes too much and feels that they cannot sell. Contact us today to get an offer on your home.

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