How We Are Different

At TJK Real Estate, we understand that this is a relationship business that’s built on rapport and understanding your needs as the owner of the property. We do not buy every house, but we DO help every seller we speak to. That help goes well beyond what an agent/broker relationship can ever cover.

We will break it down for you below since you may not understand why we have sellers choose us over others (agents/brokers) as their best solution to sell their house in the surrounding Columbus Ohio market.

We understand that for you, it is not just about the money, it’s about a relationship and trust.

In short, our company goes well beyond anything a broker or realtor can provide. It is no wonder agents/brokers need to sell you on working with them. They have constraints that we don’t which make us the logical choice to sell to, especially when the house needs work which not a problem for us.

Here is a list of items we do that makes working with us to buy your home, the right choice over and over for fellow homeowners of Columbus Ohio :

  • We do NOT require sellers disclosures. We buy houses in Columbus Ohio As-is Every Time. We simply do not come back and sue the seller for marking a wrong box by accident. You selling to us relieves you of liability. Sell worry free.(Agent/Broker paperwork put the burden on you that only protects them and then ask you for $$$ for that.)
  • We take care of all of the paperwork for both sides to save you money.
  • You tell us what closing date works for you and we build an agreement that focuses on time frames that suit you best. (Close now, Close later… We are flexible.)
  • We do not charge real estate commissions. We advise to have the agreement reviewed by an attorney and we will pay for the cost.
  • No need to clean. Our company covers all items including trash, cars and floor to ceiling cleaning so you do not have to lift a finger.
  • We use easy to understand contracts that protect the buyer and sellers. No complicated contracts that agents/brokers use.
  • We pay for and clear all TITLE issues to give you a worry free closing. We know your rights and legalities, therefore sometimes we get title issues removed by simply knowing the rules.
  • We can stop foreclosure in Columbus Ohio and give homeowners breathing room. We also pay to repair the seller’s credit at closing. (This is not just about the house. It is about getting the seller back to where they deserve to be as fast as possible.) We use our cash to stop foreclosure In Columbus Ohio when sellers work with us.
  • We handle evictions for sellers that need help with the process or because they do not have the funds to remove bad tenants.
  • Need help stopping code violations and fines? We help with code enforcement and we WILL cut your grass.
  • We assist with selling or even buying other items that burden sellers, such as cars, tools, bikes, furniture, boats, motorhomes and more. This is what TRUE help should be like.
  • We help you find a new places to live and can assist with funds to make it happen.
  • We can help solve family disputes about property when needed.
  • We will talk to ANY family members the seller chooses to make sure everyone is comfortable with any agreement to sell.
  • We keep your property, it’s condition and your agreements with us private and protect it from the outside world. The relationship is personal to us and not just about buying a house.
  • We ALWAYS buy with a CASH contract. No worrying about closing or bank approvals.
  • We pay for probate and legal fees when needed to not burden the families that have lost a loved one.
  • We assist with rent deposits for new housing.
  • We help with HOA liens, fines, violations and more to get them paid.
  • When asked, we help with shredding personal and financial documents.
  • We buy the house as it sits, so we simply get bids to fix the house and do not back out of agreements because work is needed, which is what realtors are taught to advise their buyers after inspection.
  • We help sellers get their money at closing by helping with either checks, wiring funds and setting up bank accounts if needed. We do it all of the time.
  • We assist cancelling all utilities after the sale and also setting up new utilities for the seller.
  • Title issues do not scare us from buying a home. We will buy and help get the situation solved with our resources.
  • We simply help sellers move on the next part of their life versus just buying a house. Whether a divorce situation, a fresh start or getting them set up for a trip we are there to help.
  • We assist in removing state. federal, mortgage, HOA and other liens removed to actually get homeowners proceeds at closing.
  • We help protect the house when needed for out-of-town homeowners that need help securing their property.
  • Deal with problem neighbors if needed.
  • We buy even when the house has unpermitted changes. We will work with the municipality to solve any issue to get the house ready to sell.
  • We partner with sellers to fix the house and sell for more when needed.
  • We provide monthly cash flow to sellers when asked. Very popular selling option that agent/brokers cannot provide.

There is plenty more that I’m certainly forgetting that conveys why we go well beyond the agent/broker relationship and why seller contact us for HELP. Not just to sell, but for actual help.
The bottom line is that we buy houses in Columbus Ohio. We are not interested in just buying a house. We are here to help be an advocate for homeowners that really want help solving problems whether we buy the house or not. Helping homeowners through the stress and painful process sometimes involved with selling is what we do. I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling than helping solve real problems that homeowners face that they think they have to do on their own.

Hopefully you see the real difference between working with an agent versus our company. No just the ease of selling, but that we understand that there is much more than just buying a house. We look forward to serving you whether we buy your home or not. We love being the premier private home buyer in Columbus Ohio and serving countless homeowners just like you every year.

Our entire team is at your disposal. Just call, email or shoot us a text to ask for info and help. Talk to you soon.

Todd Killian
TJK Real Estate llc

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