What to Expect When an Investor Comes to Your House.

What To Expect When an Investor Visits The House? | Hight Ticket Items
I want to take some time to go over what it’s like when an investor comes to your property, comes to your house, and wants to see the house, walk through it, see what’s going on.

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Most times, the reason we want to come is that we just want to see the condition of the high ticket items. Start with the foundation. Foundation’s always a big piece to make sure the house isn’t going to crumble, right? Foundation, mechanicals, such as water heater, the HVAC unit, heater, air conditioner, look at the electric. Currently I’m replacing an electric box that was outdated. These things cost a fair amount of money to get replaced. So these are the things we’re looking at and we want to see is there any lean to the house, is there floors unlevel, things like that. And then after that, we’re going to expect to replace certain things in the house. We know we’re going to paint it, we know we’re going to put new flooring in the property. After that, we’re going to look through the kitchen. The other high ticket item. Many houses are bought and sold strictly on how well like kitchen presents itself.

We always spend time on the kitchen, upgrading kitchen, make it look as nice as possible. So we’re going to check out what’s the condition of the cabinets, do we think they need to be replaced? Are they dated? Do we need to put in anything special into the kitchen? Oftentimes we’re going to replace the appliances as well, depending on what’s there. And then next thing, kitchen, bathroom. Bathroom is next big ticket item on our list. We’re going to go through, look at the bathrooms. Bathrooms are pretty standard to update. We can knock those out really fast, make some really high-end positive changes that really make a house pop by putting some time and effort into a bathroom. And then probably the next big thing we also look at is the roof. Check out that we need to replace a roof, that we’re going to spend time doing that.

And then these are the things we’re looking for. We’re not coming into the property to look at, did you put away your laundry? Did you not empty the trash can? Did you sweep today? Did you vacuum? Are the beds made? We don’t care about any of that stuff. We really, really don’t care. I know a lot of people think like, “Gosh, my house just isn’t in the best shape. It’s not clean and tidy.” We just don’t care. We really just look completely past anything that’s in the house. We’re looking at walls, we’re looking at windows. We’re looking at doors, we’re looking at the flooring and the mechanicals. We are not really looking at what’s in the house that you own. We almost don’t care. I just have gotten to the point where I just don’t even see that stuff anymore. You asked me, “Well, did you notice the bed?”

I’m like, “No. But I did notice that that window is a single pane would window and I have to replace it.” These are the things that we look for. So that’s what I just wanted to give you a quick rundown on what it’s like when we come to the house and those are the types of things we’re looking at and to not worry about whether your house is cleaned up, super tidy, cluttered, don’t worry about it. We don’t care. We really just don’t. We will go through the property and just look at things that we feel like we need to look at.

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